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Boasting an unapologetic southern-fried twang, with a clang and harmonythat is unmistakably the inimitable sound and feel of the Black Lips. Theirsongcraft and stylistic evolution are as infamous as their now legendary liveshows.The Black Lips return with their 10th studio effort Apocalypse Love,scorched with their trademark menace, it cryogenically mutates allrecognised musical bases; it spins yarns about vintage Soviet synths,Benzedrine stupors, coup de’ tats, stolen valor and certified destruction, allset against a black setting sun. Since the turn of the decade the band havetransformed from austere country pioneers, into a set of Lynchian surrealists,hellbent on recalibrating the history of rock ‘n’ roll.Singer and saxophonist Zumi Rosow muses, “It’s a weird dance record, onethat reflects the moment that the world’s in right now…”Apocalypse Love is an album that emanates from a dive bar jukebox in theback of your mind; with a playlist that bends between tub thumping doom-glam, Plastic Ono singalongs, cocktail-shaken space age pop, Morriconereverberations and lo-fi outsider acoustic-punk, with mariachi horns,theremins, drum machines and harmonies filtering through the infectiousmelodies.