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>> 1337 #3 – Special 1990s Edition <<
Fredy Isken
Kai-Uwe Müller  

Sa, 25 03 23 
23 59h
H57, Schlägelstraße 57, 44145 Dortmund
++ Limited capacity – be quick! evil ++


In addition to our regularly organized big raves we also want to work on more intimate events. We want to start hosting club nights with an intimate and private atmosphere with a strong focus on the music itself for music lovers and curious persons. We see it as a chance to provide a diverse platform for music genres which normally do not get much attention at junkyard.

It’s important to know that these events are exclusively taking place in a smaller area and therefore have a limited capacity of 150 people. Still we are offering a small dancefloor equipped with a massive F1 sound system, which we are constantly working on to make it better.

We decided to mark these nights as „H57“ to clarify the context in which these events are taking place.