Beginn 23:00 Array

18, Live, H57

TROUBLE Soundclash #2 – Code Red (JAM) vs. Splendid Sound (POL)

The first edition of the TROUBLE Soundclash has already proven itself to be a remarkable force in europe´s Soundclash landscape: a distinct venue with just the right capacity, a crystal clear Soundsystem and a massive full of trained, unbiased hardcore clash fanatics. In this first shootout Splendid Sound emerged as winner and it seems as if they are hungry for more…
None other than the reigning World Clash Champion Code Red from Kingston, Jamaica will clash the reigning TROUBLE Champion Splendid Sound from Wroclaw, Poland. Two highly ambitious Crews with an outstanding experience when it comes to entertain the audience – even the most die-hearted Soundclash fraternities worldwide. Both MCs have enough speech and charisma, both selectors have the knowledge and the skills and, of course, both Sounds have the dubplates to win this wicked Soundclash.

In this encounter anything can happen, but once again just one ting is for sure: a bare TROUBLE when they say „one sound ago dead“!

Get your tickets from early because the capacity will stay limited.