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18, H57

Resonate – Where Basslines Rule and Gourski Guides through the night

Prepare for an electrifying night of bass music mastery as Gourski takes the decks for an all-night set. Join us for an unforgettable experience celebrating the essence of drum & bass. Don’t miss out!

Gourski is a music producer, DJ and multimedia artist, based in Cologne (DE). He has been gaining a lot of viral attention on YouTube for his sample projects using everyday sounds from the city in a musical way.Already established as a DJ and electronic music producer, Gourski is considered a sound-technical all-rounder. His sets are above all one thing: full of energy and extremely varied. Gourski has a knack for catching the crowd anew with every break, in every moment, often surprising people with short excursions into other genres and in this way developing a unique arc of tension within a set.At the German DnB Awards, his DJ skills earned him the title of „Best DJ“ for the second time in a row.

Gourski All Night Long




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– 18+ 
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